HADRA Area Map
Wednesday April 14, 2021
  • Site last updated at 9:10pm on Tuesday 23rd March 2021.

This is the operative area of HADRA:


A note about Aveling Close, Reedham Drive and Watney Close

When HADRA was originally established (in 1971), our area included the space now occupied by these roads.  Residents in these areas subsequently decided they would be better served by their own association, so whilst HADRA's area still includes these roads, they also have their own associations.

HADRA currently does not have road stewards in these areas and does not collect subscriptions or deliver newsletters to these houses in these roads.

We do however welcome inquiries from residents living in these roads and hope that one day they will appreciate the benefits of joining HADRA, a council-recognised association and we look forward to assisting residents in these streets when that time comes.