Wednesday April 14, 2021
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We are always looking for local residents who are prepared to serve on Committee or be Road Stewards.



The Committee meet once a month to discuss local issues and to hear reports from those committee members who attend other local meetings like the Purley Forum, Coulsdon Neighbourhood Partnership, Kenley & Purley Neighbourhood Partnership, East Surrey Transport Committee, Local Police Liaison Committee.

If anyone is prepared to be involved in the Committee, please contact our Secretary.


Road Stewards

We ask them to deliver two issues of the Newsletter, one in the Spring (May) and the other in the Autumn (October). The Spring issue is the one where we ask all the residents for their annual subscription.

As far as the Road Stewards are concerned the perfect situation would be to have 2 for every road, which would allow one to do the odd numbers and the other to do the even numbers, but even this can be arduous as we do have some rather long roads (or in some cases steep hills) in the area.

What we are looking for, to ease the pressure on our existing Road Stewards, is for people who live in the roads where we already have Stewards to volunteer to either deliver to another road or if they are not prepared to do this, to deliver to a number of houses in their own road (lets say a minimum of 15 to 20 houses) This means that we will take some pressure off our existing Road Stewards or allow them to allocate some of there time to another road.

The more Road Stewards we can get, the easier the job can be and remember, we are only talking about an hour or so twice a year.


How do we distribute the Newsletter?

Each Road Steward will receive from the Membership Secretary a sheet with the addresses of the houses they deliver to and an appropriate number of Newsletters. For the Spring issue we ask you to knock at the door and ask for the annual subscription. If there is no answer, we ask the Steward to pop a slip in the door with the Newsletter so the resident can send the subscription by post or deliver by hand to the Memberships Secretary the money that is collected will be picked up from you by the Membership Secretary or if you are passing her door it can be dropped off. With the Autumn edition it is just a simple Newsletter delivery.

If you are prepared to deliver a few Newsletters you can contact our Membership Secretary or E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Your help would be very much appreciated.