Sunday October 25, 2020
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Further to the decision of the Secretary of State James Brokenshire to re-open the Public Inquiry, some members of the seven objecting Residents' Associations (including HADRA) met with the Purley Baptist Church and the developer Thornsett in early June to discuss the situation.

A very productive discussion was held and further information has now been returned to the Planning Inspectorate by the applicant (Thornsett/Nexus/Baptist Church), Croydon Council and the Residents' Associations.

Agreement has been reached by all parties to keep the next Public Inquiry as short as possible and an agreed ‘Note’ by all parties has now been sent to the new Planning Inspector, setting out the matters still in dispute, and the matters now agreed.

The matters of dispute between the Applicant, the Council and the Residents' Associations are:

  1. Effect of the proposals on the character and appearance of the area;
  2. The height of the tower, together with overshadowing to Purley District Centre and wind tunnel affect to surrounding streets;
  3. Consistency with Development Plan policies;
  4. Impact on heritage assets;
  5. Vehicular access/exit to and from Russell Hill Rd on the island site;
  6. Air Quality – principally in relation to 5 above, associated air quality with traffic movements to and from the island site and with further updates from the parties generally.

We did however agree that:

  1. The proposed 220 units would make a significant contribution to Croydon’s housing stock, at the two highly sustainable location sites, and they are suited to a residential-led mixed use development.
  2. The principle of development on the Island Site for the Church, community facilities, retail space, and residential development is supported by all three parties. It is also agreed that the redevelopment of the long term vacant, highly prominent Island Site in Purley is long overdue.
  3. The principle of development for housing on the ‘South Site’ is agreed by all parties. No issues are raised in relation to the proposed design and layout of the South Site.

We anticipate the new Public Inquiry will be in either October, November, or early December depending on the availability of a new Planning Inspector.

As before, HADRA will continue to represent the wishes of the majority of our members and will oppose the development of this 17 storey tower at the Public Inquiry.

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