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Tuesday November 24, 2020
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The central point of reference for general road safety matters is Croydon Council and their Road Safety Manager. Some of the main traffic routes through Croydon are the responsibility of the London mayor's office through Traffic for London (TfL), not Croydon Council.

However, in the first instance all enquiries or protests should be directed to the Croydon Road Safety Manager, who will, if necessary, arrange for transmission to TfL.

Serious concerns about matters such as speeding, dangerous driving or accidents etc. may be reported direct to Croydon Police; if possible with details of vehicle registration number and or any distinctive features such as vehicle model, colour or unique lettering on it.

CROYDON COUNCIL ROAD SAFETY MANAGER:   Tel/Typtalk 0208 760 5774 OR 5484

CROYDON POLICE STATION - Tel 0208 667 1212.

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